For my Capstone project at Drexel University I wanted to find the best way to meld together my administrative experience with my unending love for the Philly food scene.

Thus, KatsKrave was born.

I wanted to turn what started as a small, just-for-fun Instagram account into a platform that puts a spotlight on the local businesses of Philadelphia, and their owners.

There is so much to discover in food. Not only is there the incredibly delicious culinary aspect, but there is endless culture, history, and societal impact embedded in landscape of the Philly food community.

My goal, with this website, is to explore that. Not just through a simple monetary transaction and filtered Instagram posts (although I have those too), but by sitting down, talking, and exploring the diverse perspectives on what food really means to some of the key culinary figures in the City of Brotherly Love.

That’s how I satiate the KatsKrave.