Mike's BBQ


Mike Strauss knows his BBQ. After running Mike’s BBQ as a pop-up, he finally decided to open up a permanent location in South Philly where he provides customers with real, authentic, and FRESH barbeque. It is so fresh in fact, that his crew starts prep over every single day. They make enough meat for a day and when they sell out- boom- they close.

In this interview Mike shares with us his philosophy on running a business. His generosity starts with his own crew; he closes the restaurant two days a week so that his A-team (and only team!) has off time to rest.

This generosity even branches out city-wide. During the government shut down, Mike’s BBQ supported furloughed workers by offering free chicken salad sandwiches and a pay-it-forward initiative.

The moment you step into this small BBQ shop, you are essentially stepping into Mike’s backyard. Grab a couple drinks, laugh with your friends, and enjoy some amazing, REAL barbeque. The good times will really stick with you (just like the smoke aroma on your clothes)!

BONUS: You’ll get to hear Mike’s top tip for barbequing at home.


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