Jezabel Careaga is a powerhouse of a woman. And she radiates this determination from the moment you meet her.

Stepping into Jezabel’s, you are transported into her vision. It’s part tea house, part cafe, part studio, part shop…and is soon to be part atelier!

With large windows, cozy nooks, and a delicious aroma it’s no wonder why this place has become so popular.

It’s also the hard work of Jezabel that makes it so special. With the open kitchen, you can see “The Queen of Empanadas” herself pop out a day’s worth of empanadas like it’s nothing. You can sit down on the furniture she’s made herself and enjoy a wide variety of Argentine goodies and delicious tea.

It’s strategically designed- by Jezabel- to be a communal, open, and warm space. And it pays off.

I loved getting to know Jezabel. One of the first things she asked me? “How many women have you interviewed?” And I LOVED it! She’s successful as a woman in this industry because she is mindful, passionate, and driven. I left the interview reflecting myself and wondering how I can be better (because let’s face it…I interview lots of white men!).

But anyway- back to the FOOD. Watch the interview above to get to know the inspiration behind one of Philly’s only Argentinian spots, how this wonderful woman makes empanadas, and why they are different from empanadas from other regions. It’s a true, raw glance at how hard work can drive a small business to success.

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