Cooks Who Care

If a voice seems stronger than who you are- there’s this power kind of putting this pressure down- we have to be the power that’s rising up.
— Maria Campbell

Cooks Who Care founder, Maria Campbell, knows a thing or two about the food and beverage industry. As a chef herself, Maria has experienced not only the perks of this business, but some of the dark spaces of the industry first hand.

That is why she has created Cooks Who Care, a community that connects hard working culinary professionals and incentivises health and wellness.

When us “foodies” look at food, we usually think of the romanticized image of a dedicated chef slaving over the creation of a perfect dish for your enjoyment.

We often live comfortably blind to the personal struggles, discrimination, and exploitation too often found in the kitchen.

In this interview Maria bravely opens up about the long list of problems her industry needs to confront. Sexism, drug abuse, racism, low wages, and mental health are just the tip of the iceberg as far as the major issues people in the restaurant business need to face on a daily basis.

Maria explains that culinary figures like Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdain making headlines (for VERY different reasons!) spark conversations that are profoundly important, but using that awareness to create accessible, approachable and affordable solutions is what this community really needs.

Watch this inspiring conversation with Maria to learn more about CWC, the hard truths of an industry consumers take part in every day, and her opinion on the future of the food and beverage world. CWC’s platform is based on YouTube where they share insightful interviews with business owners and culinary leaders that carry a passion for change.

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