As I explored the wonders of Philly food, I realized not everyone was as lucky.

did you know?

$1 is 2 meals for any of the 700,000 people in our community that need it.

hunger in philadelphia

Hunger is an issue found in almost every community within the U.S.. The implications are serious; Financial success, education, happiness and health are all compromised when an individual or family does not have access to sufficient amounts of food. Hunger crisis is one of the harsh products of poverty, and the fix will not come easy. Philabundance strives to drive hunger out of our community, and the world, by inspiring collaboration between government, corporations, organizations and individuals.


In 1984 Philabundance was founded by an idealist named Pamela Rainey Lawler who saw perfectly good food going to waste, and, at the same time, saw people going hungry.

What started out as a small food rescue organization operating out of a Subaru, 30+ years later, is an innovative, impactful and collaborative organization distributing more than 24 million pounds of food a year to those in need.

Philabundance is a proud member of Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks leading the fight against hunger in the United States.


Philabundance is all about growth, action and impact. Just last year the organization, with help from its member agencies, distributed 24 million pounds of food. 33,000 children a week received the food they need to prosper. 1.7 million pounds of food came in through drives. 40,000+ individual donors helped 90,000 community members a week eat. Be a part of that amazing statistic by giving today.